Mr. Wizard from 1951 Mr. Wizard recent

July 10, 1917 – June 12, 2007

I wanted to post this because, in the same way that our comic book superheroes and the characters from mainstream media inspire us to strive toward a goal, Mr. Wizard inspired countless people with his television shows in the 50’s and the 80’s.

Below are a few snippets from the write-up at MAKE.

Donald Jeffrey Herbert “Mr. Wizard” (July 10, 1917 – June 12, 2007) brought science and fun to millions in the 50s, then again in the 80’s.

Watch Mr. Wizard (1951) had 547 live episodes. The show won a Peabody Award. Mr. Wizard’s World (1983 -1990) was the longest running show on Nickelodeon. In 1955 there were about 5,000 Mr. Wizard Science Clubs nationwide with more than 100,000 members.

You can see more at Mr. Wizards Studios and there are plenty of clips on YouTube from shows.