Unnecessary sequels, prequels, and threequels cannot match the raw uncalled for force of another Indiana Jones picture. George Lucas, not satisfied with a decade long gutting of Star Wars, apparently convinced star Harrison Ford and director Steven Spielberg that the “Last Crusade” needed a follow-up, now almost 20 years later.

Now next summer’s adventure has a name, Indiana Jones and The City Of Gods, and the persistent rumor is that Indy will fight aliens, and discover he has a son with his Raiders cohort Marion Ravenwood, played by Karen Allen.

I could go on a poop on this movie some more, but I’ll leave that to the comments section. I mean, I really hope it will be good, but opting out of the spiritual and religious stuff that made up Indy’s adventures in favor of aliens just seems odd to me. That and Harrison Ford will be 65 next month, making hold older than Sean Connery was in Last Crusade.