teentitans.jpg Hoping to match some of the success of X-Men and Batman Begins, Warners Bros announced today their intentions to bring Teen Titans to theaters.

Hollywood Reporter doesn’t know the lineup yet, but Nightwing will be in there. I wonder if this will take place in the same universe as Batman Begins or Superman Returns? One of the benefits of WB’s ownership of DC is that the rights are all clear for future team-up movies, but if Dick Grayson is already Nightwing, then Batman might as well skip right to Tim Drake… Oh I’m getting ahead of myself here. The point is they have the potential to bring us a really great movie with some characters lesser known outside of the comic world. And if they do keep the tone of Batman and Superman as promised, this could be an amazing movie.

Akiva Goldsman will produce the movie. He won an Academy Award for his screenplay for the Ron Howard directer A Beautiful Mind. He also wrote the Joel Schumacher direct posion Batman & Robin AND Batman Forever, and has produced an amazing list of shabby films. OK, so maybe the odds are stacked against us for an “good” movie, but I’ll hold out hope if the right director, script, and cast come up to bat.