TakiLike Soul Calibur, but not a big fighting-game buff? Seems there might be an upcoming alternative.

Soul Calibur Legends has been announced by Namco to be released for the Wii, and has been dubbed as an “adventure game” rather than the series usual forte with fighting. The player will travel through the 16th century, and will run into the Soul Calibur crew along their way. Sword-based combat will obviously utilize the Wiimote for the basics of Hack’n Slash. A release date has not, as of yet, been released to the general public, and will be anxiously awaited in the future.

If this type of gameplay seems familiar, it should. A similar type of “adventure combat” was used in fellow fighter series Mortal Kombat’s newest release Armageddeon, where the character ran around in “Konquest Mode” collecting items and fighting enemies, and would occationally enter into into a Combat Mode, where you would then fight your opponent one-on-one like you would in the regular fighting mode. Whether or not Soul Calibur means to do the same or something similar remains to be seen.

This week’s edition of Famitsu has an article on the new addition to the SC series, so check it out.