Alice Cooper BookOk, when a person mentions the name Alice Cooper to you, what does your mind usually fill with? Monster rock, thrash, and Satanic concerts probably involving virgin sacrifice, right? Or at least something close to that.

But not….golf.

Seems Mr. Cooper has traded up his self proclaimed alcohol addiction for a new addiction, involving a 18-hole green and thwacking little white balls, after battling with alcoholism since the later 70’s and 80’s decades. Not only that, but he’s also written a book on his experiences, “Alice Cooper, Golf Monster”, which explains his apperent epiphany and change of outlook.

“Golf ended up being a good trade-off,” he says. “The thing about this book, is that when I look at the whole juxtaposition of who Alice Cooper is, the golf addiction and the music addiction, still, it’s pretty interesting how they can co-exist.”

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This very well could be a sign of the coming apocalypse, people. Alice Cooper + Golf = Fire and Brimstone raining down. It’s the only logical explination.