Well at least they’re being upfront about it.

wolverineandthexmen.jpgThis is a promotional image that popped up online on Omelete.com for some reason. A new animated series for the X-Men has been in the works for some time, and we’d heard they would “focus” on Wolverine, but I didn’t imagine he’d get top billing like that. Take a look at Xavier in the background. He’s got new legs like Lt Dan.

Where is there room for the other major X-men players? Will there even be any character development for secondary characters? I realize thats a lot to assume from a single image, but they’re the ones who put Wolverine in 400 pt font.

Marvel is producing this themselves, not unlike the Avengers or Iron Man movies they’ve already released. Steve Blum will play Wolverine, no word yet if he’ll use the same voice he always uses in every role he’s ever played.