Free Comic Book Day - May 5th, 2007

Free Comic Book Day is in exactly one month – May 5th, 2007! (That’s the first Saturday in May.) It’s gotten bigger and bigger each year, and this year there are over 40 different books to choose from! That is, if your local shop orders them all.

Looking over the selection of books, boo to DC for just reprinting JLA #0 and issue #1 of the animated Legion book – Yet another year of DC participating in a totally half-assed way. (I guess some jeers go to IDW too for reprinting the Transformers Movie Prequel Comic #1, even if they’re actually pushing a movie here.)

Books to watch:

  • Marvel – Amazing Spider-Man: Swing Shift – written by Dan Slott, art by Dan Jimenez
  • Marvel – Marvel Adventures Three-In-One – featuring an Iron Man, Hulk, and Franklin Richards story (grab one to give to a kid!)
  • Image – Astounding Wolf-Man #1 – new book from Robert Kirkman
  • Antarctic Press – Pirates vs. Ninjas #1 – because it’s PIRATES VS. NINJAS
  • Fantagraphics Books – The Unseen Peanuts – over 100 strips of Charles Schulz’s Peanuts that have NEVER been reprinted
  • Rude Dude Productions – Nexus Special – Steve Rude picking up the reigns on his long dormant character
  • Topshelf Productions – Owly & Korgi – Owly is a regular favorite of Free Comic Book Day fans
  • Wildcard Ink – Gumby Special – because it’s Gumby!