Over the weekend the Square/Disney faithful wept openly as this pre-rendered battle sequence found its way to the internet. It takes a while to really get to a point where you can even tell its even supposed to be Kingdom Hearts, but it is. This video was hidden at the end of the recently released Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix on PS2 in Japan.

Or maybe not. Eurogamer reports Tetsuya Nomura, the director of the Kingdom Hearts II, says the next title will be a completely new series. Why change it up? Maybe its not an RPG? Maybe it deviates too far from the conventions of KH? Who knows.

Also up in the air is where this series will be released. The pre-rendered video is no clear indication of hardware. It could easily continue on the PS2, jump to PS3, or even go cross platform to Wii or Xbox 360. The only certainty is that when it comes out it will sell a bajillion copies like the last one.