This is perhaps the best movie poster we’ll see all year. Reminiscent of the work of Drew Struzan, it’s got a classic quality and fully conveys how ridiculous this movie will be. Do note that all credits at the bottom say “BLAH BLAH BLAH.” Thats not placeholder text, thats the real deal.

Our favorite animated extra value meal will also appear on Playstation 2 with… a combat golf game. It’ll be written by series creators Matt Mallerio and David Willis, Midway will publish. Apparently Frylock has been admitted to a country club to play golf, but Shake and various villains from the show ruin your game with traps and boss attacks. If games based on comedy series in the past are any indication, this has the makings of a terrible game. Of course, it couldn’t be any worse than Home Improvement, and with the talent behind the show actually writing it, it may at least be funny if not fun to play.