Castlevania Inverted CrossAs any avid Castlevania fan can tell you, one of the true highlights of the series was Symphony of the Night. However, many fans believe that Dracula X for the Super Nintendo was Symphony’s prequel, without realizing that the Japanese-Only released title “Akumajou Dracula: Chi no Rondo” (Rondo of Blood) for the PC Engine Duo was the true beginning chapter for one of the most reknowned Castlevania titles to date. True enthusiasts have dreamt of the day when Rondo of Blood would finally make the transition to American shores. (as many believed Dracula X to be a bastardized version of Rondo to begin with)

After over 10 years, it seems as though we’re finally getting that wish.

Konami is releasing “Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles for the PSP, slated to hit the markets this coming fall. One of the extras about waiting as long as we all have for a port to make the transition is that, not only will we be able to play the original 2D version of Rondo, but the game will also be sporting a redone 2.5D version of the game as well.

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” The upgraded visuals have a slightly more “realistic” element to them, but the look is still classic Rondo. The opening stage, the burning ruins of a town straight out of Simon’s Quest, is clearly precisely that. The bosses no longer look like simple sprite chains, but they behave exactly the same (and kick your ass just as hard). The heroes have earned a visual overhaul, too — fan favorite Ayami Kojima has returned to bring both Richter Belmont and Maria out of their awkward anime phase. Richter now sports a blue tailcoat similar in style to a British Redcoat uniform (wholly fitting, given the late-18th-century setting), and Maria now looks like the 12-year-old she’s supposed to be (an improvement over her original chubby-eight-year-old appearance).”

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And now the question on this little fangirl’s mind is: “What is cheaper?” Buying a PSP plus the new revamped game when it comes out, or shelling out the cash to buy the original PC engine duo CD and finding a duo system as well? Oh, the choices. The choices.