officecast.jpgShamelessly checking Jenna Fischer‘s Myspace blog, I noticed this tidbit among the din of losing the Golden Globe…

This week we are shooting with hot shot director Joss Whedon! This has been especially exciting for me because I already knew Joss. (He has known my husband for a long time.) Joss has quickly become one of our favorite directors. The crew loves him. He’s a huge fan of the show and therefore gets really into every detail of the show. He watches us even when we are in the background of a scene and compliments our smallest of choices. It’s been a total dream. I’m currently the background of a scene and I can see him hunched over the monitors watching a scene and giggling like a little girl. I’m going to miss him.

Geek Icon Joss Whedon takes on the Office? How terrible cool for him! Joss, as you may or may not know, got his start writing TV on Roseanne.

Of course, there’s always talk of special directors working on TV shows and you’d be really pressed to tell the difference. I remember at the height of Quentin Tarantino’s pop stardom between Pulp Fiction and Jackie Brown he directed an “ER” that was so amazingly exactly like every other ER that you’d never know or care someone more famous than normal was directing. That’s TV for you. If he does a good job, it shouldn’t be different from the rest of the show.