kingoftehworld.jpgThere are 2 major motion pictures in production both by giant directors and both are called Avatar.

James Cameron (Titanic, Terminator 2) finally ends month of silences on the secret filming he’s been doing on sound stages as he announces his “Avatar.” Its set for a 2009 release, and will feature humans at war with aliens in robot bodies. I think its human robots, but there might be alien robots too. And its the future. I can’t make sense of this, except it has nothing to do with that damn boat so I’ll take it. Harry Knowles spoke with Jim, but that interview was cut short when Malibu caught fire.

M. Night Shyamalan is decreasing in popularity the last few years, but I’m still a fan. Night’s “Avatar?”
I am not kidding. He’s adapting the faux-anime Nickelodeon series into a live action movie. I’m barely familiar with this series, so I took a look at Wikipedia and it doesn’t look like his usual fare. Well its got some supernatural elements, but its pretty far removed from “I see dead people” or “those we don’t speak of.”

Night’s not betraying his roots because he actually wrote the adapted screenplay for “Stuart Little” which is a movie I shamelessly admit to liking and have seen several times.

Now, the battle royale: Who gets to keep the title? Cameron’s management and Nickelodeon both claim to have had their names registered with the MPAA. Nick’s cartoon has been on the air for about 2 years, Cameron has had a script for 12 years, but has only been filming for 4 months. I predict Cameron will have to bend, since he’s not working with an established franchise.