ratchetg1.jpgThanks to TFormers, we’ve got a very detailed look at a design sheet drawing for Ratchet in the Transformers 2007 movie.

Ratchet from the original Transformers series was the Autobot’s chief medical officer, and transformed into an ambulance. While he might’ve been the obvious choice to peg as the pacifist, he frequently found himself in the heat of some of the most memorable battles in Transformers fiction, including being trapped on the Ark with Megatron, Starscream, Shockwave, and Galvatron from the future.

In the 2007 Transformer movie from director Michael Bay, Ratchet is loaded up as a modified Humvee built for search and resuce. This makes him one of the larger Autobots on the team. His robot mode has been surprisingly unseen in the rash of leaked design sheets, but now we have a sneak peek…

ratchet2007.jpg ratchet2007hummer.jpg

This robot mode of course is subject to change as its merely a design to guide the computer graphic model used in the movie.