Marvel ComicsMarvel’s got a bunch of news that came out today – after a slow, slow, slow week – so here’s the roundup’s rundown:

  • Marvel: Ultimate Alliance finally ships this week. Just to remind us that it’s happening, here’s a slick new trailer for it! I’m looking forward to this game. And the trailer looks pretty good too.
  • Onslaught RebornTo celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Heroes Reborn nonsense and the Onslaught mess that spawned it, Marvel’s putting out a mini starting in November called “Onslaught Reborn.” In true celebratory fashion, it’ll be written by Jeph Loeb and drawn by Rob Liefield, as they both played a large role in the original Heroes Reborn launch. Here’s the new trailer!
  • And, just because Marvel trailers are all the rage today, here’s the one for the upcoming Guiding Light crossover. It made me laugh a lot. Probably wasn’t supposed to though.
  • Fantastic Four 2There’s been a lot of photos shown online for the wedding scene on the roof for the Fantastic Four 2 movie. But the newest set of photos looks pretty interesting, largely because they show Jessica Alba stopping a helicopter with some sort of invisible powers! One of which is mirrored here.
  • Ultimate Spider-Man #100Lastly, Rich Johnston confirms that Stuart Immonen is the new artist taking over on Ultimate Spider-Man, following Mark Bagley’s insane stint of 110 issues. Please note – none of those issues shipped late, he all too often shipped more than 12 issues in a year, and they all looked fantastic. Immonen, you’ve got big boots to fill.