b2g3free_todaysdeals.jpgBoth Toys R Us and Gamestop/EB are pushing free games when you buy 2 this week.
Toys R Us is selling new games in store and online. The usual rules apply: the lowest priced game is the free one. This goes for anything excluding pre-orders, so you may be able to get some real steals if you grab 3 premium priced $50 or $60 games. I’m going to use this as an excuse to grab Mortal Kombat 7 and maybe some DS games I’ve missed….

Gamestop and its still completely seperate but identical sister store EB Games are running the same sale but only on USED product. This again might yeild some pretty incredible deals, as its possible you might grab 3 massive current gen games for under $20. You can also use the sale on DVDs, but the last time I saw a DVD I liked in Gamestop it was one I traded in the week prior.