Ultimates 2 #12The Ultimates 2 #12
Written by Mark Millar, art by Bryan Hitch

With all the excitement surrounding Millar’s other big book, it’s easy to forget the ever-sporadically scheduled Ultimates 2. After 23 issues and 5 years, Millar and Hitch’s run on The Ultimates finally comes to an end. What with its seemingly-random appearances on shelves at the comic shop, it’s easy to miss an issue, and with this one being the big finale (despite the big battle kind of being won last issue), I figure this is one that readers won’t want to miss.

And for those of you that are critical of the book, well hey, today’s a day for celebration for you too – The book’s over! Until the next volume anyway. So here’s hoping that Jeph Loeb and Joe Maduriera do enough to differentiate themselves from their predecessors, while still retaining the hard-hitting enjoyment and interesting characterizations that Millar and Hitch always brought to the table. (But maybe try to keep a tighter schedule though, eh guys?)