Baltimore Comic-ConThere’s a lot of sites out there with transcripts (or approximations thereof) of the DC Nation panel, and the vast majority of it seems to be rehashing old knowledge and witty banter. That said, there were at least a couple nuggets of knowledge worth gnawing on:

  • New (?) Terra shows up in Supergirl #12 (issue to be drawn by Amanda Conner), and this will be the Terra on the Titans East team coming up in Teen Titans, which will be led by Deathstroke.
  • A Terra miniseries is still coming, but after that Supergirl appearance
  • Cassandra Cain (the recent Batgirl) will also be on Teen Titans East
  • A General Zod more like the one from Superman II will be showing up somewhere, sometime
  • Brave & The Bold will be a team-up book, with issue #1 starring Batman & Green Lantern, #2 with Supergirl, Green Lantern, Batman, & Blue Beetle, #3 will have all of them, plus a backup with Lobo & Adam Strange
  • All 3 heroes in space in 52 will not be returning… so based on the previous bit, it seems that Adam Strange will probably still (unsurprisingly) remain in space
  • The upcoming 5 issue extension of Manhunter will lead into an upcoming Wonder Woman story
  • Diana Prince will show up in 52, somewhere, sometime
  • Ambush Bug will be in issue #24 of 52, as will Checkmate, Suicide Squad, and Martian Manhunter
  • There will be a Nightwing annual in early ’07
  • Is Roy Harper becoming the Red Arrow, a la Kingdom Come? “Not really.”
  • Seven Soldiers will be coming out next month, they tell us yet again
  • Meltzer is writing 14 issues of JLA total, including issue #0
  • Despite the fact that we’re getting an All-Star Batgirl, and despite the fact that there’s nowhere to get Barry Allen stories, there are no plans for an All-Star Flash book

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