Four HorsemenNot wasting anytime, The Four Horsemen have put up the first poll for their FANtastic Exclusive 2007 voting. The FANtastic Exclusive is a chance to put the fans in the driver’s seat of picking what Four Horsemen line their next series of figures should come from, in addition to picking the character designs, weapons, packaging and more.

You may recall last year’s end result, Xetheus, the Minotaur and the later added exclusive Troop Builder figures.

4HM_FantasticExclusive_RoyalGuard_MinotaurAlso announced from the Four Horsemen is the addition of a seventh minotaur figure, the Mynothecean Royal Guardsman. He will be available for pre-order at the Four Horsemen’s online store, StoreHorsemen starting Saturday September 9th. Thats today for those not paying attention. Supplies will be extremely limited as the figure will only be made in a quantity of 250 and not all of those will be released for pre-order.