Big Barda, Martian Manhunter, and Deadshot, from the new wave of JLU figures
There are tiny figures of female characters all over this line. Supergirl literally looks like a small girl compared to the giganticly manly Superman. Stargirl wasn’t that big to begin with so being short is expected in the toy.
But not Barda. Barda should be a head taller than J’onn J’onzz instead of barely meeting his oversized green torso.
This is not that Barda lovingly honored by novelist Michael Chabon. This looks like a child in a Barda outfit.

Oh well. The rest of the wave has some pretty good figures, including Vigilante, Sinestro, and an appropriately sized Huntress.

Target will get a 6 pack with an exclusive Doomsday figure in additon to another Batman, Superman, and Wonderwoman. I’m as big a beleiver in the Trinity as anyone, but let them rest, Mattel.