zanzibar.jpgMajor Nelson once again informs us that Halo 2 is the most played game on Xbox Live, even beating out 360 shooters like GR:AW, Perfect Dark, and Call Of Duty.
Bungie Weekly Update this week focuses on the nearly-in-our-hands graphic novel, as the first books roll off the press.
Theres also a Wallpaper contest going with forum members making their own Hi-Res desktop pictures.
Single Play and Multiplayer tests and Bungie continue, and they Frankie reports that they have a new user interface that fixes many of the problems with Halo 2. Which is dandy, because “Quick Options” didn’t have enough options, and control and headset settings were buried too far into menus to make them useful to make a quick adjustment in game without getting shot at least 3 times.
In other news, my Xbox Live account renewed today. My gamer tag is “FakeTrout” and I will be up for Team Swat tonight.