halo3doc.jpg First things first, Halo 3: Behind the Scenes is up. Its a 7 minute video documenting the process of creating the Halo 3 announcement trailer for E3, as well showing off the trailer in real time from multiple angles. The also confirm speculation that it is a Forerunner structure underneath the New Mombassa, and even acknowledge the frustrations of Halo 2 players when they reached the ending.IGN tries to go Beyond the Trailer buts ends up with little more than speculation and some editors on the verge of geeking out.
What is impressive: Halo 2 has reached Half a Billion Games Played on Xbox Live. Thats roughly 600 games a minute since the release in November 2004. Halo 2 on Vista will not however, use the Live Anywhere service or make matches with Xbox players. Surprised? Don’t be, that was a long shot.
Finally, theres a Halo Graphic Novel Sneak Peek with a few more pieces of artwork. The full book is slated for release July 12.