Battlestar Galactica SyFyPortal shared some comments about Season 3 of Battlestar Galactica made by James Callis, the actor who portrays Dr. Gaius Baltar. From what he says the series will take a darker turn than what we’ve already seen.

“In the upcoming episodes, the simplest way to explain what happens is that the wheat is separated from the chaff,” Callis said in an interview at this month’s Saturn Awards in Universal City, Calif. “I’m not actually sure at this moment which I belong to, which bothers me, whether I’m the wheat or the chaff. All I know is that we are necessarily separated.”

“And the first few scripts of this particular season are phenomenal,” he said, “and far darker and more gritty and more worrying than anything that you have seen before. I really am not just saying that. I remember just reading it going, ‘My God almighty, this is remorseless and relentless.’ And as such should be very gripping television. Even though it’s very, I think, the word is dystopic.”

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