fakeposter.jpgThe big big news is that Latino Review got a hold on the script to Transformers and gave it an A+. As is standard, they only really cover the first act (to keep some surprises in), but the description of the action is enough to make me hopeful.
If you read that script review you may come across some distressing names like “energon cube” being used to reference what is obviously the Matrix, and previous posts to (producer) Don Murphy’s board suggested things like Devastator being just a tank. Michael Bay has swung in to allay those fears via his site:

Many of the names in the script are aliases. The only people that know the real names of many of these characters are the COO of Hasbro, their corporate lawyer and myself….So rest assured AKA Devastator, is really not Devastator.

The Fantastic Four sequel (why?) has also shifted release dates off the big TF opening weekend of July 4, 2007.
This upcoming July 4th, we’ll see a teaser poster AND trailer hit theaters.