A couple weeks ago I found a beat up second-generation Camaro on craigslist, and was sorely tempted to drop $3 grand on a car worth turning into Bumblebee. Due to the amount of work needed, I had to pass. However, another chance to own a Transformer has just come up.

ironhide2500.jpgEdmunds reports that Monroe Truck Equipment in Monroe, WI has teamed with Hasbro to customize GMC TopKick 6500 pickups to the specs seen on Ironhide in Transformers. Complete with the big-rig stacks and the 20 inch wheels paired with 40 inch tires. Oh, and the Autobot logo is molded into the back tailgate, just as in the movie. This truck may not turn into an actual Autobot, but it will transform your wallet to empty: Retail price is $75,000.

Additional reporting from The Monroe Times. Powet.TV world headquarters is mere minutes away from this shop, so we’ll do our best to be on the scene when the first Ironhide rolls off the lot.