I love hoe bags shirt

I spotted this shirt in an episode of the Disney TV show “Wizards of Waverly Place” earlier this week. Here we have Selena Gomez’s character Alex Russo wearing an interesting shirt. It’s hard to see what the full text on this shirt says but from the two shorts scenes it’s shown in the only visible letters for the most part read “I <3 Hoe Bags".

Selena Gomez expresses her love of hoe bags

Selena Gomez expresses her love of hoe bags

Alex Russo loves hoe bags I love ho bags

Is this specific shirt placement intentional? It seems like quite an oversight to have half a shirt’s message obstructed from view in a well assembled outfit on the show’s main character but this could just be a coincidence. The text of the full shirt is “I <3 Shoes, Bags & Boys“. I don’t know that this message is terribly well reflected in a show that doesn’t really focus on a girl’s love of bags that much. No shortage of shoes and boys though…

If you’re looking for the episode in which this shirt appears it’s the 5th episode of season 2, “Alex’s Brother Maximan” in which Justin builds a robot, Max dresses up as a superhero to fight crime and Alex has a date with Dean at the skate park. The shirt appears around the middle of the episode.