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The Dark Knight Rises Trailer

The first trailer for The Dark Knight Rises was released earlier today. The Dark Knight Rises is the final movie in director Christopher Nolan’s Batman movies, and comes out Summer 2012.

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Dark Knight Rises – The Legend Ends teaser poster

There it is, folks. The latest teaser poster for the Dark Knight Rises. This is the last and final movie starring Christian Bale as Batman. Bane will be played by Tom Hardy, while Catwoman will be portrayed by Anne Hathaway. The Dark Knight Rises will arrive in theaters on July 20, 2012.

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First Look at Anne Hathaway as Catwoman

The official site for The Dark Knight Rises movie has just posted the first picture of Anne Hathaway as Catwoman. The Dark Knight Rises comes out next year on July 20, 2012

Update! Just Jared has more images of Anne Hathaway (or her stunt double) from the set. [Read the rest of this entry…]

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Images of Tom Hardy as Bane on set surface


Pictures have surfaced, courtesy of, of Tom Hardy dressed up as Bane on the set of The Dark Knight Rises. You can see the images above.

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First Dark Knight Rises trailer leaked

We get our first look at the teaser trailer for the Dark Knight Rises. Mostly reused footage and audio from the previous movies, with a short scene with Commissioner Gordon (Gary Oldman) in a hospital bed talking to Bruce Wayne. Its hard to make out what he is saying, but he’s basically telling Bruce, the city needs Batman.

[UPDATE – Crazy] It looks like the video is getting taken down everywhere. I found another one and placed it after the jump, so check it out.

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Dark Knight Rises teaser poster unveiled

The first teaser poster has been unveiled for the third movie in the current Batman film franchise. The Dark Knight Rises will feature Tom Hardy as Bane, Anne Hathaway as Catwoman (as we discussed here) and Christian Bale as Batman/Bruce Wayne. Not much more is known about the film and the poster does little to add to that knowledge.

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt Is (not) The Holiday Killer in Dark Knight Rises

update: this story is false.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt (and the rest of the cast of Inception) has been heavily favored to join the cast of Christopher Nolan’s next Batman movie. Now with Tom Hardy in place as Bane and Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle, JGL will join the cast as Alberto Falcone.

You may recall Carmine Falcone was played by Tom Wilkinson in Batman Begins, and his empire was shattered by Batman and Harvey Dent in The Dark Knight. Alberto Falcone is his son in the Batman fiction, and may be entering the story to reclaim the family business.

However, Nolan has borrowed from The Long Halloween before, and its likely that Alberto won’t just be another mob boss but will instead be The Holiday Killer. Holiday was a serial killer whose first murder occurred on Halloween, (then Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc) and continued until the following Halloween with the murder of Carmine Falcone.

As of The Dark Knight, Carmine is still being held in Arkham, after a dose of Scarecrow’s psychotic drugs. Its unknown how this might fit in with Bane or the possibility of Catwoman, but both of those characters are tied heavily to Gotham’s organized crime.

As casting news begins to slow down and filming not to far off, the full story is still hard to decipher. The Dark Knight had twists audiences didn’t expect that didn’t come from set reports and no script was leaked in advance. If The Dark Knight Rises can continue this momentum and use the wealth of characters to give the story life and depth rather than crowd it, we might have the first super hero movie series with a good third act.

Source: Variety

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