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Tekken The Movie

First I’ve heard of it!
Slashfilm reports

Next up is a teaser poster for Screen Gemsí big screen adaptation of the popular Namco video game Tekken. The story follows two childhood friends who enter a worldwide martial arts tournament and uncover a secret that lies within the mysterious Tekken Corp. Charles Stone will direct. Film is set to hit theaters in 2009.

No Boll, no Paul WS Anderson, it can’t be that bad, right? But Who is Charles Stone? He’s the man behind THIS.

King Of Iron Fist. True. True.

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Tekken 6 Arcade Details

From SD Tekken, we’ve got some details on the arcade version of Tekken 6. While a few configurations will be available, the one pictured above is the most awesome. It includes 4 monitors so that 2 matches can happen at once with each player getting their own screen. Cost? $36,000. Yeah, suddenly the $700 you’d have to blow to get PS3, the game, and an extra controller is pretty low.

There will be a new “rage” system where as a fighter’s health goes down, his/her ability to do damage goes up. They’re also bringing back the customization from Tekken 5 and adding items that affect your actual in game performance. Crazy!

There is a mountain of info on this page, including character lists, all the released flyers and more stuff than a casual player could possibly find interesting.

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