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Conan O’Brien Breaks Silence to 60 Minutes (Video)

Conan may be legally prohibited from being funny on TV, but he’s now legally able to speak about what happened. Steve Kroft from 60 Minutes interviews Conan at his home, about his feelings and his remarkably positive outlook for his future on TBS.

Above, see the full interview that was broadcast, and included after the jump are the outtakes available from the CBS website. Some are informative, some are silly, but unless you’ve got tickets to his sold out live show, its the only Conan you’ll see until November.
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Jay Leno Can Still Do the Right Thing


With all the rumors flying in the entertainment blog echochamber, it’s hard to tell what’s really happening the world of NBC’s late night programming. Can Conan really not say anything bad about NBC? (Unlikely.) Is this week really his last as Tonight Show host? (In all probability, even by his own admission, and now in seeming actual fact.)

But when Jay Leno finally explained on his January 18th, 2010 show that this is happening because NBC won’t let him out of his contract, and he has no animosity toward Conan O’Brien, I believe him.

Even with both men caught in the middle of NBC’s general ratings woes, it’s pretty clear why Jay needs to be the bigger man, and step down.

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Powet Alphabet: C is for Conan

Conan O’Brien is, as of the time of this writing, still the host of The Tonight Show on NBC. Previously he was the host of Late Night, and a writer for Saturday Night Live and The Simpsons.

Conan is currently in dispute as the 11:35pm host on NBC, as network decision makers want to bring back Jay Leno, who moved on from the position in 2009. As a respected comedy writer and performer with legions of fans around the world (especially in the geek community), its worth noting why we love him.

Here are some highlights from outside his talk show career: [Read the rest of this entry…]

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PSA: Powet is with Coco, donate to Haitian relief

conan03Two of the biggest news stories this week are the disaster in Haiti and the dethroning of Conan O’Brien as host of The Tonight Show. Naturally, my fellow geeks, we’re all rooting for Conan, but its hard to ignore that an impoverished nation has been hit by a terrible earthquake from which it may never fully recover.

An enterprising lad named Mike Mitchell has combined these two efforts spectacularly. You can buy his “I’m With Coco” artwork as a print or a t-shirt and a portion will be handed off to relief in Haiti.

It is our sincere hope that those in Haiti who have survived are cared for in the best manner and can begin to rebuild, and that Conan O’Brien continue as host of Tonight or move swiftly to another network that appreciates him as much as we do.

Those willing to give more can visit

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