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Botcon 2012: Powetcast 118 The Video

Destroying The Allspark - Powetcast 118: "Put Your Doors On" - Live from Botcon 2012

It’s a podcast for your eyes! We don’t often get a chance to do our shows in person, so when we do it’s nice to put together a little video. So here is the super elite behind the scenes recording of the Powetcast 118 “Put Your Doors On”, our live show from Botcon 2012. I’ve throw in some photos and clips I had handy when relevant.

Botcon 2012: News Roundup

This posts serves as your one-stop shop for news related to Botcon 2012. From announcements to reveals to actual convention coverage! Check back often as we bring you the latest news for our favorite annual robot toy convention.
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Powetcast 118: Put Your Doors On – Live From Botcon 2012

Adam takes control with Crazy, Justin, and Caren for our special episode from Botcon 2012. Recorded live in front of a studio audience!

This episode was also shot on video, and that will be posted to the site within the next few days.

Listen live on this page, or subscribe via RSS or iTunes.
Direct Link:Powetcast 118: Put Your Doors On – Live From Botcon 2012

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Botcon 2012: Searching for Ladies with Ravage the Insult Comic Bot

Ravage The Insult Comic Bot at Botcon 2012

At Botcon 2012 I managed to find an actual female in an event that was not at all staged. I wasn’t the only one on the prowl, as Ravage the Insult Comic Bot was also looking for the line for the ladies.

If you like the comic stylings of Ravage the Insult Comic Bot check out his YouTube channel and visit Jon Bailey’s web site. Thanks Jon for this unexpected comedic outbreak.

We have more Botcon clips, articles and our podcast to come so keep checking in for more in the coming days.

Botcon 2012: Starscream Body Pillows

Starscream Body Pillows at Botcon 2012

Here’s Caren asking some hard hitting questions we’re all burning to know the answers to at this year’s Botcon as she investigates Starscream themed Body Pillows and My Little Pony merchandise.

If you like this stuff check out’s web site.

We’ve got more Botcon content to come to keep checking out as we get all of this stuff posted.

Botcon 2012: Box art for convention set revealed

Fun Publications, the folks who run the Botcon convention, have posted a picture on facebook revealing the box art for the 2012 convention box set. As seen above, the art features each of the six characters in the set; Metalhawk, Overlord Gigatron, Shattered Glass Tracks, Shattered Glass Ultra Magnus, Shattered Glass Treadshot and Shattered Glass Soundwave.

Botcon will be held in Dallas, Texas this year from April 26th to 29th.

Botcon 2012 Exclusive Metalhawk revealed

Here is the big reveal of the final figure in the Botcon 2012 exclusive set of figures, Metalhawk. He uses the Thunderwing mold with a new head showing the humanoid head of Metalhawk’s Pretender shell. Below you can see some concept art of what the head was meant to look like along with some art from Evan Gauntt from the Botcon facebook page.
I think the helmet could have used some more color, but not bad. This is one of the more interesting figures from the set for sure. Let us know what you think in the comments!


Botcon 2012 Exclusive Shattered Glass Ultra Magnus revealed

We saw him during registration. Shattered Glass Ultra Magnus is a repaint of the Reveal the Shield G2 Optimus Prime mold. The head is molded in translucent plastic. It looks like a new head to me, but the clear plastic is throwing me off and I don’t have the figure nearby to compare. The only remaining figure now is Metalhawk, which will be revealed next week.


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