The Transformers Collectors’ Club revealed the first club exclusive figure for 2012; Runabout. Runabout is the partner of Runamuck, the club’s 2012 free membership exclusive. If you sign up to be a member by March 16th, 2012, you automatically get Runamuch for free as part of your membership. You also have the option to buy two other figures as a member of the club. Today’s announcement is the first of those two figures. Runabout will be put up as a preorder sometime in the Spring along with another as yet to be revealed figure.

Announcement and bio after the jump.

FUNCTION: Shock Trooper
“Beauty is fleeting. Especially when I’m around.”

RUNABOUT tries to pass himself off as a suave connoisseur of fine things. It’s not a façade he can really maintain for long, less because of his generally low intelligence and more because his interest in beautiful objects starts and ends with “blow them up!” His drive to seem sophisticated is in direct conflict with his enthusiastic love of explosions and action. The former is almost always on the losing side of that battle. He’s not interested in the Decepticons’ plans for conquest; he’s just with them because of the greater opportunities for his kind of fun. He’s always on the move, looking to create a bigger fireball, a larger bomb crater, and generally cram every microsecond with action.

He is partnered with the hyperactive RUNAMUCK, and has never had more fun in his life. Marginally smarter than his partner, he also has better self-control, giving the pairing just enough focus to present a real danger to most robots they gang up on.

Runabout is a Deluxe sized figure featured in the Wings Universe and is Runamuck’s demolition partner. Runabout utilizes one of the extremely popular “Classics” molds and features an all-new head sculpt by Dan Khanna and Paul Brooks. The toy is packed in a convention style box with a foam insert for easy removal and display.