I found Trailcutter on a table in the dealer room. He was loose and in a box with about twenty other Trailcutters. He is one of the classics legends figures that I just assumed I’d never find at retail, so when I saw him my interest was definitely piqued.

Trailcutter was originally named Trailbreaker in the G1 series, but as it often happens there were most likely naming rights issues. Trailbreaker’s special power allowed him to able to generate forcefields. Trailcutter, along with his standard repaint, Hoist, is one of the very few characters from the original 1984 toy catalog that has not seen a deluxe figure in the classics/generations/universe/reveal the shield/etc line.

He has a pretty cool transformation that basically involves folding the entire bottom half of the truck out to form the legs and then folding the top half in on itself to form the upper body of the robot. I do wish the abdomen locked in place somehow since I’ve played with it so much already that is has become a bit loose.


My biggest complaint with this figure is the sparse paint applications. If you turn the figure around in robot mode almost all you can see is black molded plastic. The only paint on him is on the gun above his head, his visor, half of his front windshield and the very front surface of his legs. The only paint seen in vehicular mode is the half windshield, headlights, grill and bumper. Everything else is the black molded plastic. If they just painted the rest of the windows and continued the paint apps on the legs all the way around this would be many times better.


The lack of color aside, he has a pretty fun transformation and being so small means you can put him in your pocket to take with you where ever you go. That is a big plus for kids and parents who need to keep their kids entertained while running errands. I think the play value and scale of the figure make this a worthwhile purchase if you manage to come across one at retail, but I wouldn’t get too bent out of shape if you are unable to find him.