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Archive for September, 2005:

Transformers headed for Next-Gen systems

Reports coming out of Botcon say there is a Transformers game in development to go with the movie, which is due July 4, 2007. Since this is well past the launch of the 360, PS3, or Rev, its safe to assume we’re looking at a next-gen title.
Hasbro isn’t ready to announce who is working on it, only that they are working on it. The bad news is that it won’t be done by melbourne house, who did an excellent job with Transformers on PS2 last May. The good news is, its unlikely we’ll get a repeat of the abomination
Transformers Tatakai, which only came on in Japan.
And for the un-initiated, the new movie IS based on the original Generation One characters. But if you dodged Transformers on PS2 because it features the Armada cast, you’re missing a hell of a shooter.

$20 Game of the week: SIlent Hill 2 (xbox and PS2)

One of the all time greats of the survival horror genre. No evil corporation here, just strict psychological terror. The good thing about the plot is that it leaves so much to the gamer, spawning dozens of fan sites and plot analyses on Complete with one of the most f’ed up plot twists of all time, ths game remains a benchmark for the genre along with Eternal Darkness and Resident Evil 4.

Halo 2 Glitch Montage

Special thanks to Ephrum from Xbox Live and Geezer Gamers for these glitch videos. He’s got more on the way, but any serious or amatuer Halo 2 players looking to expand into some of the crazier exploration methods in multiplayer maps (and wondering how friends and enemies end up in odd places) should watch these.

9/16 Madden 06 roster update taken down because…

It made Michael King of the NY Jets 7 inches tall

$20 game of the week: Eternal Darkness (gamecube)

I have yet to throw a gamecube game on here, so here goes an excellent one. In a genere cluttered with rip offs, here is an original survival horror game, for of all systems, gamecube. Silicon Knights has certainly outdid themselves thanks to the deep storyline, hallucinating effects, and the innovative “create-a-spell” system. Gamecube owners looking for a more “adult” experience will do well to pick this up.

Revolution Controller Blowout!

IGN has the video presentation.
thoughts from nintendo power writer Steve Thomason
and of course, The Powet forum

While the world is still collectively reeling from this and everyone has blogged their opinion, I’ll toss in mine as well.

It is quite obvious to me that Nintendo has given up the battle with Sony and Microsoft. They cannot win playing by the rules that they themselves established 20 years ago. They went back to the drawing board and released the DS, which is literally a drawing board. It took some time to take off and start to find its niche, and it looks like great and inventive games are out or coming out soon for the DS. They’re truly making the PSP look like just a portable video player or just a portable playstation.

So now theres their new console, which they’re losing ground to the imperially established Sony and the increasingly aggressive Microsoft. They took a look at the competition and realized that if they couldn’t beat them they could at least shake up their own future enough so that they don’t even appear to be in competition anymore.

And thats whats happened. Nintendo is out of the race and in a class by themselves now. Third Party support for the gamecube was dwindling because the cube wasn’t capable of anything the PS2 or Xbox was. So now they have a console and a portable that make direct ports to other systems impossible! And, any game ported over from another system will have to be heavily reworked to make use of unique control schemes. This is it! Back to the days of the NES and Gameboy where the entire lineup is exclusive.

Weird control configurations are now standard in Arcades now. Sure, Tekken 5 is munching quarters without having anything original in control (hell you can plug a PS2 controller into the cabinet to use instead of the stick!), but the rest of the arcade is sit down racers, gun games, and dance games. And skee ball. But all of those offer control and experience unavailable on a home system (home racing wheels and guns are never as good anyway, and standard dance mats are considered a joke). Its that “I can’t play this at home” thing that keeps arcades open now, and Nintendo is going for an audience that will quickly realize that “hey, this game is not possible on Xbox 360 or PS3!”

Of course we still haven’t seen a Revolution game. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed this controller wasn’t premeired with a new Mario or something. And thats the only thing that can prove the concept. Possibilities are endless, but I remember how Mario 64 proved the analog stick to be a great idea. Revolution still has a chance to prove to the haters who say Nintendo has lost their minds as well as satisfy those who have been smoking the company dope for years. And if Nintendo has their way, they’ll also get people who’ve never gone into gaming before.

Before the storm…

On what might be the eve of an official announcement, 4CR presents Revolution Controller Mockups

$20 game of the week: Deus Ex invisible war (Xbox & PC)

This is very old, but it’s still a slept on classic. The multiple endings, ability to go about the missions however you wish, “Knights of the old republic-like” plot and the customizable ablities are nice, but Most of this game’s appeal has to do with it’s physics system. Throwing trash at people, tossing around dead bodies, and beating up people can provide hours of fun. It’s more than an FPS, and its on par with some of the best RPGs.

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