DeadlineHollywood reports that Warner Bros studios, based solely on some low numbers for the Jodie Foster movie “The Brave One” and Nicole Kidman’s “The Invasion” is putting an immediate ban on any movies with female leads.

Sure Hollywood has always been sexist, but this is seriously a new low. The Movie Blog does an excellent job pointing out that movies with men in the lead bomb too. Specifically the Kevin Bacon revenge movie “Death Sentence” did much worse than the similarly themed “The Brave One.” John Campea of The Movie Blog is calling for a boycott of Warners and is challenging other sites to join him.

On a personal note I think this policy is so stupid and arbitrary, that I’ll be joining up with this boycott. You can forget about me reporting on any Dark Knight or Justice League stuff. I’m not even going to finish watching the Superman: Doomsday DVD I already bought and opened. I won’t watch the CW television network (Ok, so that ones going to be easy). I’d encourage anyone who cares about fairness and equality to leave a comment and don’t give a dime to WB until they publicly retract this policy. Yes that means you should not buy DC comics. My views are not necessarily the views of Powet.TV as a whole, but that because we’re independent and no one voice speaks for all.