220px-soldieroffortunebox.jpgIt’s been a while since I had a Dreamcast title here, so here goes one. This game is also available on PC, and there is an enhanced version on PS2. In late 2001, Sega’s final attempt at console success was on it’s last legs. As a result, and also due to publisher fears of not being able to turn a decent profit, several high profile games had seen only Japanese and European releases (such as Capcom vs SNK 2 and Shenmue 2) while others were simply cancelled altogether. Among the latter was the Dreamcast version of Half Life. However, another game would arrive to alleviate the pain of what had happened: Soldier of Fortune.

Based loosley on the magazine of the same name, soldier of fortune starred real-life ‘military consultant’ John Mullins in a fictional plot involving Neo Nazis and nuclear weapons. What made this game special was the enemies ‘gore zones’ which allowed players to target individual limbs – and blow them off. This is a game for the sadistic, as you’ll get a nice little rush from cutting off someone’s fingers with a knife, blowing a terrorist’s leg off with a Desert Eagle, and decaptating a Neo-Nazi with a shotgun to the face. Although it has very little replay value, and no customizable control scheme (Dreamcast version), this game was a much needed title for gamers who were faithful to thier Dreamcast.