Hero Squared #3Hero Squared #3
Written by Keith Giffen & J.M. DeMatteis, art by Joe Abraham

The setup so far: Milo’s self in an alternate universe is Captain Valor. But in this universe, Milo’s just a lazy, immature ass. Too bad Captain Valor’s universe got DESTROYED by Caliginous, his arch-enemy, because now he’s stuck here with Milo. In this universe, up until recently, Milo was dating Stephie. That is, until he hooked up with the Stephie from Captain Valor’s universe… who just so happens to be the super-villainess Caliginous. Got it?

All of last issue was spent in a therapist meeting for Milo, who dragged Captain Valor along for the ride. It was thoroughly entertaining, and while there isn’t always a lot that happened in each issue, it’s always rife with the classic “Bwa-ha-ha”-larity and meaningful characterization that Giffen and DeMatteis are so beloved for.

So, if you like the Super Buddies, or the recent Defenders mini they did, then this is the book you need to be reading. You’ll probably have to shakedown your comic shop guy if you want to buy one though, because I know my guy only orders two – one for me, and one for the other guy that reads it.

Of course, if you didn’t like their previous work, then I can’t really recommend this to you. It’s clearly too much for your fragile mind to handle. Go read something dark and gloomy instead, like the newspaper.