Here’s a picture of Bumblebee holding a sign that says “Transformers 3 wishes China’s Communist Party longevity” in Chinese.

Bumblebee - Transformers 3 wishes China’s Communist Party longevity

Why is this happening? This all ties in to the film Beginning of the Great Revival, which retells the story of the founding of China’s Communist Party. The Chinese Government obviously wants people to see this, and they achieve this goal by eliminating the competition! Transformers 3’s release was postponed in China in order to allow people to experience this wonderful piece of propaganda without having to be distracted by something they might actually want to do.

Despite this effort to separate people from their freedom of choice in movies, some still wish to see entertaining films. Some theatres have gone so far as to just sell people tickets to this movie regardless of what they actually attend, to ensure the bookkeeping shows it to be a great success.

Freedom, it would seem, is not the right of all sentient beings…

Source: Penn Olson