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Archive for September 21st, 2010

Powetcast 40: A Fiery Death Awaits You

Powetcast 40: A Fiery Death Awaits You

Halo: Reach takes over the podcast, and Vinnk makes a (surprise?) appearance to talk about video games!

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DC Entertainment closing Wildstorm and Zuda; laying off 20% of staff

In a series of announcement, more and more details have emerged about the most recent bout of changes at DC Entertainment. The first bit of news was that DC Entertainment is becoming a ‘bi-coastal’ company. This is not a huge surprise and has been long rumored. DC Publishing will remain in New York, while the digital and multi-media services will move to Los Angeles. (First Press release after jump) This latter move will most likely help leverage the close proximity of the Warner Bros. Entertainment unit.

The next bit of news came out that DC Entertainment would be closing the doors at both Wildstorm studios (founded by DC Co-Publisher Jim Lee and eventually bought by DC) and Zuda comics (DC’s first foray into the digital comics arena with original art and stories from undiscovered talent). There was a letter from the Co-Publishers about this move (available to read after the jump as the second press release). In the letter it is made to sound that Zuda and Wildstorm will end, but all characters and books will eventually be put under the DC banner and imprint. Wildstorm books will end, but the characters would likely either be integrated to the DC Universe over time. Zuda books will continue under the DC name. That was my interpretation, at least. Again, for the details, read the second press release after the jump.

As more news came out though, it was revealed that 50 of the 250 employees at DC Entertainment are going to be laid off.

“We seriously considered every scenario and looked at the operational, financial and people considerations,” Nelson said. “We think this is the best way to go.”

This was apparently the final move in the restructuring shake-up that started with Diane Nelson’s appointment to head DC Entertainment a year ago. Now that the organizational changes have been set in motion, the next priority for the team in charge is to focus on content. Once the Harry Potter franchise ends at the box office, Warner Bros. will be leaning heavily on DC intellectual properties as new content to push starting with Green Lantern.

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Transformers Generations Wreck-Gar revealed

The Transformers Collector Club has posted the cover of the next issue of their club magazine featuring Generations Perceptor and previously unannounced Wreck-Gar. This issue should be hitting mailboxes soon!


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