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Archive for February 14th, 2010

Maximum Letdown: Marker Man Adventures (DS)

markerYou might see this game in a Best Buy or Gamestop and you may be tempted to pick it up, wondering why I haven’t already featured it as a $20 GOTW. Before you do, you should know that there is a much better version of this game available on PC for the same price. It has better level design, a better save system, more responsive play control, a level editor, and an online community with custom content and high score lists. It’s called Crayon Physics Deluxe.
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Overclocked’s Quest for Sonic 4

nullApparently what started out as a little comment on the Twitter page of video game music icons Overclocked Remix has turned into a little quest for the members of the audio community. After being noticed by a gaming new blog, Press the Buttons, OCR decided that they indeed liked the idea of being put in charge of recording the soundtrack for the newly-dubbed Sonic the Hedgehog 4.

Overclocked is no stranger to gaming soundtracks. They produced the remixed album for the Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix game released last year. It wouldn’t be that far off for the seasoned veterans of the community to pull out some original tunes inspired by the older Sonic games. However, even if Sega decided it might be a good idea, OCR might have to wait until Episode 2 was put into production, bow that Episode 1 is already slated for a release later this year.

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Toy Fair 2010

Today marks the kick off of New York Toy Fair 2010 and I am just as eager as everyone else to talk about what is being revealed at the show.

Press releases and sneak peak photos were all over the web starting last night. All the info is after the break.
This post will be kept at the top of the page today since I will be adding updates and news as I find it throughout the day.

Warning: This post may get image heavy as updates continue to come in.
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Movie Posters: Shutter Island

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