USS Enterprise NCC-1701

Since the alphabet is the building block of our language, the Powet Alphabet is the building block of what makes us geeks.

Star Trek has created a wonderful universe for fans to enjoy, and all along the only theme reoccurring as consistently as a captain screwing ladies and technobabble is some kind of ship named “Enterprise”. With a seemingly limitless number of ships bearing that name, I will attempt to explore some of the more memorable ones, but before thinking about all those space ships, it’s important to note that many real vessels carried the name even before Star Trek revolutionized the world of science fiction.

'All those vessels were called Enterprise' from Star Trek: The Motion Picture

``All those vessels were called 'Enterprise'`` - Star Trek: The Motion Picture

The above scene from the horrible “Star Trek: The Motion Picture” is just a glimpse of the many ships that have carried the name “Enterprise”. When thinking of the word as meaning an undertaking or endeavour, it is an inspirational word fitting for a starship, or a simple sea faring vessel. From the begining of the 18th century until today 15 ships of the Royal Navy have carried the name “HMS Enterprise” or “HMS Enterprize”, starting with a 24-gun frigate captured from the French Navy. This particular ship is featured in the opening credits of “Star Trek: Enterprise” as well as in Jonathan Archer’s ready room. A number of aircraft carriers have also carried the name. Many of these existed prior to Star Trek, but after the show’s great success, real ships would be named after the fictional Enterprise. This is precisely what happened when a huge letter writing campaign convinced President Gerald Ford to name the first space shuttle “Enterprise”. This shuttle unfortunately never did fly in space, though apparently it will in the Star Trek universe.

NCC-1701.  No blody A, B, C, or D

NCC-1701. No blody A, B, C, or D

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