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Archive for January 11th, 2010

Spider-man 4 cancelled, reboot already scheduled

After hearing rumors that Sam Raimi and the film studios were at a standstill over a number of aspects over the third sequel in this franchise, news of delays, and the contention over just who the villains were going to be, it has come to pass that the movie has been cancelled with Sam Raimi and Toby Maguire walking away. Sony Studios has been quick to announce that they will be rebooting the franchise in 2012, putting Peter Parker back in high school.

This news comes not long after the prequel to X-Men featuring Magneto also was announced to be dead in the water, in favor of a different prequel to follow the formation of the X-Men.

Sadly, this means that prequels and reboots are still in vogue and won’t be dying in the near future like the uncreative fads they have become.


Resident Evil Motorcycle Unveiled

At the CES tradeshow this past weekend, it seems Capcom had a little something to show off to the other exhibitors. In collaboration with Savage Cycles came the creation of the Resident Evil Limited Edition Violator chopper to be unveiled at their Dark Void party at CES in Nevada.
Can’t think of a more kick-ass ride to have for zombie-thrashing. You know, short of an armored car with a cow-catcher.

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