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Archive for January 16th, 2009

Lost Classics: Legacy of Kain – Blood Omen (PC, PS1)

When it was first released, Blood Omen was like no other game before it. You didn’t play as your typical pretty boy good guy, you played as a vampire hell bent on seeking revenge. You don’t care about saving the world, you only want to cure yourself of this fate, and you use any means necessary to extract this revenge. You sucked blood from villagers to restore your health, changed form to destroy your enemies, and spread terror across the land. It was such a shame that subsequent entries in the series didn’t do much justice to Silicon Knights’ classic, otherwise the Legacy of Kain series could have stood alongside franchises such as Zelda and Castlevania. As it is, this PS1 title stands alone in the series as one of the system’s classic titles.
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Fox Relinquishes Back ‘Watchmen’

Everyone say “Yay” now.

After some high-stress moments for comic nerds everywhere, Fox has resolved their dispute with Warner Bros. over the distribution rights of the Watchmen title. Originally stating copyright infringement and taking Warners to court in an effort to gain rights as a co-distributor for the Watchmen movie that will be in theaters later this year, Fox has settled the case on an undisclosed agreement with Warners, though large sums of cash and future sequel profits have been mentioned to be involved states Entertainment Weekly.

Both studios acknowledge the other’s follies in the matter, and though heated arguments and hurtful words may have been thrown about during the proceedings, Fox says it looks forward to the release of Watchmen in March along with every other geek in the country. You know, at the expense of film co-producer Larry Gordon’s folly for not buying out the rest of the rights from Fox when he had the chance of course. Thanks for the honking-big scare, Larry!

New New New Doctor Who

In a story that’s been developing since the formal announcement in 2007 of Doctor Who’s fifth series, followed by the news that David Tennant will be relinquishing the role after 2009, we now know who the new “Who” will be: newcomer Matt Smith has been tapped to step in as the Time Lord’s 11th incarnation.

With this announcement, viewers of 2008 Christmas special “The Next Doctor” who were outside of the BBC’s broadcast authority last Christmas (and were unable to procure it through other means) will be completely robbed of the only dramatic tension the new episode has to offer — perhaps for the better.

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