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Archive for November 19th, 2007

Halo 3 Heroic Map Pack December 11

Newly independant Halo developers Bungie have been talking a lot about new maps, using code words and vague tempting descriptions, but now they make the trio of multiplayer additions official.

Available December 11, 2007 for 800 MS Points ($10 US) will be the Halo 3 Heroic Map Pack. You’ll be able to download these using your XBox Live account connection. There are 3 maps in all: Standoff, Rat’s Nest, and Foundry.

Standoff is a symetrical map with 2 bases set at dusk and giant satellite dishes in the background. Rat’s Nest is the companion to the campaign mission Crow’s Nest, featuring indoor and outdoor settings. Foundry was designed from the ground up for Forge alterations; apparently almost everything in the map can be moved or deleted.

Those not wishing to buy the maps will get them free in Spring, right when the next map pack goes for sale.

Read all about maps direct from the designers at

GI Joe Videogame from EA?

This one is firmly in rumorville, but since the names are big, I’m going to pass it along.

EGM’s “Quarterman” column this month suggests EA will be announced as the publisher for the videogame companion to the big budget GI Joe movie.

With a writer’s strike on and the exact status of the Joes uncertain, the movie could well come out later than the intended summer 2009 release. This could be good news for a game, as the one thing holding back many license games is a rush to get the job done by the movie release date. Activision’s Transformers was a good game, but was about 2 months worth of adjustments and tuning away from a great game.

GI Joe has certainly been the subject of games before, with 2 pretty good NES titles and a fun coin-op entry as well. A next gen third person shooter with all the goofy joe vehicles, characters, and gadgets is just the thing we need to shake up the overly serious shooters. In fact, its high time I log on to Halo 3 and see if I can’t build some kind of Joes vs Cobras map…

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