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Archive for July 20th, 2007

A Real UNSC Warthog From Halo

In Bungie’s Weekly Update reveals WETA’s work on the in-limbo Halo movie was not in vain, and that future short films promoting Halo 3 will be more awesome.
You see, they built a full size, fully operational Warthog. Favored vehicle of Orbital Drop Shock Troopers and Spartan Mark Vs alike, this sage green beauty is actually tearing ass all overthe beautiful rolling hills of New Zealand.

I don’t suppose than chain gun works, but if this is even close to the 4 wheel drive/4 wheel steering of the Halo original, its gotta be a blast.

Lost Classics: Sonic Blastman (SNES)

sonicblastman.JPGIn the early 90s, Final Fight style beat em ups were a dime a dozen. Few managed to separate themselves themselves from the pack. However, there was one that managed to make itself into something classic. Taito’s Sonic Blastman began life in the arcades as a punching game which used two large punch pads and specialized gloves to complete certain minigames. It was bought to Super Nintendo as a beat-em-up. You bashed your way from the city streets to outer space as you fought off hordes of villains. The arcade minigames came to the SNES game as bonus levels. A sequel was released a few years later adding in two extra characters (your prerequisite slow strongman and fast woman, with Sonic Blastman being the balanced team leader) and a two-player simultaneous mode so you and a friend can take on the forces of evil together. Sure there are many beat-em-ups, and many games about superheroes, but there were none like Sonic Blastman. Hopefully we can expect a Virtual Console release sometime in the near future, since Taito already has the not nearly as awesome Legend of Kage available on the service.

Iron Man’s Guantlet on Downey’s Hand

Entertainment Weekly pimps coverage of ComiCon with a new image of Robert Downey Jr ready to fire some repulsor rays.

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