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Archive for September 4th, 2006

Powet Toys: Transformers Cybertron QuickMix

This is the second episode of Powet Toys. Today I am sharing with you Transformers Cybertron QuickMix.

Crank is highly entertaining and offensive!

Crank movie posterThe ratings system here in Canada differs from that in the states and it takes a lot more to get yourself an R rating then it would down south. Mainly if there’s a sliver of nudity in a movie State side you’re pretty much guaranteed to get an R while the violence is more likely to get by. And I understand and respect that because a tit isn’t going to make kids go out and screw like crazy. Crank’s another story.

This movie got an “A” rating which means you have to be 14 to see it unless you’re with an adult in which case they could bring their 8 years old. And how they do! I still remember the time the mother and her 6 and 8 year old child made it all the way to the abortion joke in South Park: Bigger Longer and Uncut before leaving. The onus is on the parents to decide what they want their kids to watch. Unfortunately the parents don’t know what the hell’s going on.

This movie is, simply put, the most offensive movie I’ve ever seen. It makes fun of black people, Jamaicans, Somalians, whites, Asians, Latinos, Muslims, gays, women and pretty much any group they thought of. A running joke of the movie is the main character verbally berating the vilains saying that he’s a “fag” and having sex with his brother. Women are nothing but objects and stereotypes. Amy Smart is his idiotic piece of ass girlfriend who he has sex with in public a number of times. Other women in the movie are the excessive number of prostitutes made to do extremely kinky things for both heroes and vilains as well as a number of Asian sterotypes mainly the Japanese schoolgirls and old Asian ladies.
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Review: Starfox Command

Playing on my sexy DS Lite ‘Starfox Command’ is Nintendo’s fifth Starfox game (if you count ‘Starfox Adventures’) and their first Starfox game for the DS. I’ve been a long time ‘Starfox’ fan, ever since the original was released back in 1993 (wow, it’s been 13 years already?). I’ve always been a fan of non-simulation shooters and since I’ve been craving a new game for my DS, so ‘Starfox Command’ was an instant buy for me. I jumped on this title the day it was released, but was I too quick to throw my thirty bucks at it so eagerly?

Starting Out:
The game starts out just as you’d expect, you’ve got your basic start menu for single-player, download play (multiplayer modes which I’ll cover later in the review), wi-fi play (again, I’ll cover later) and your options menu, all complete with dramatic Starfox music! You’ll probably want to hit up the options menu first, considering that the game starts out with non-inverted controls and if you’re anything like me, you’d normally expect them inverted in a flight game. You can also adjust your sound settings with the ability to change the characters voices. You have “normal”, “recorded” and “machine”. Normal goes back to the classic “Starfox” sounding voices, if you never played the original, they’re basically the same gibberish, “Microsoft Sam” sounding voices like in ‘Animal Crossing’. “Recorded” is actually really cool because it asks you a bunch of questions, getting a range of sound from your own voice and cutting it up and mixing your phrases into fake words, giving the characters the tone of your or a friend’s voice. “Machine” is just the old-school beeps and bloops during text. Also in the options menu, you can set up your nickname for Multiplayer and Wi-Fi modes.
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Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin dies

1962 – 2006

He was a very brave, and highly entertaining educator who brought his love and fearless repect of animals to millions every week. It is sad that this led to his untimely death, as a Sting Ray barb punctured his chest as he was filming a new documentary off the coast of Queensland, Australia.


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