2006.08.16 10:16PM EST
These two images have magically appeared at TFW2005. The first is the fist, arm and shoulder of what many are saying it the CG model for Optimus Prime for the forthcoming Transformers movie. The second is has a black bar censoring the middle third of the image, but it couldn’t be more clear that it Optimus Prime’s face.
You’ll recall we’ve already seen Optimus Prime’s movie truck mode, and insiders at TFW2005 have thrown their reputation toward legitimacy for that image as well as these.I’m left wondering if this is a legit leak or another Dreamworks marketing move to let us see a tiny little bit to gauge reactions and get us hungry for more.

If so, you guys win. I’m ready for this movie more than ever.

Remember, Peter Cullen is Optimus Prime, and the movie will be released to theaters July 4, 2007. 11 months to go!

[Update 2006.08.17 1:40PM EST – Crazy: It seems the Movie Blog has verified that these renders are indeed authentic. ]