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Archive for July 6th, 2006

Congdon off Rocketboom

oh no, upside down map!Amanda Congdon is now the former host of the web’s most popular vlog, RocketBoom.
Theres obviously a difference in the story present on the front page of the site and the one Amanda herself describes. Andrew Barron, the other part owner of the site says the show will go on with a replacement.
We here at wish Amanda the best of luck. Our show would not exist if Rocketboom had not proved people would watch a show on the web that wasn’t a silly flash game or video game characters cursing at each other. Best of luck to remaining Rocketboom staff and correspondants as well. I can hope this split (as nasty as it may seem now) yeilds new opportunities for all.
Amanda has posted a video that we all know won’t be her last.

“Death Of Superman” coming to theaters in September

Reevessuperman.JPGBen Affleck will portray fallen icon George Reeves in “Hollywoodland” scheduled for release in September. Reeves died an apparent suicide while he was in the top rated Superman television series in 1959. Oscar winner Adrien Brody also stars as a detective investigating the still suspicious death.
Click here for the trailer.
In other news: Dean Cain still walks amoung us.

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