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Archive for March 4th, 2006

New Cobra Commander is dumb

sigcc.jpgI really wanted one of these, until I saw it.

I’ve never been huge on GI Joe, and the new Sigma 6 line doesn’t irk me like a lot of hard core 12″ or 3 3/4″ fans.  I figured I’d wait until I saw the new Cobra Commander figure and buy it, like I’ve done with the last few lines.

Since I don’t make it into the toy aisles as much as I’d like, and still hadn’t seen him, I just did a search on Hasbro’s official toy show.

Wow.  What a dog turd. Oddly enough, if they gave him a new head, colored him yellow and called the toy Serpentor, I’d be all over it.  I’m funny that way.

Pearl Jam’s “World Wide Suicide” to be free

pearljam.jpgAccording to their official site, the first single from Pearl Jam’s eigth studio album will be a free MP3 available for download on March 8th. This is a pretty incredible news for fans of the band, but also a boon for the future of online music promotion. When Tom Petty released a single to several years ago, his record company freaked out and it had to be removed. Its not uncommon for an up and coming band to slap some tracks on a myspace account to get some buzz, but Pearl Jam is a band that could easily sell the song on iTunes and keep the money. Here’s hoping its a success and more follow suit.

Simpsons Intro, done in live action

This just popped up on YouTube.

no idea how old it is, but its a pretty amusing feat.

Transformers: The Movie greenlit

Transformers: The MovieTransformers: The Movie has been given the greenlight to go ahead with production. In a simple post on Don Murphy’s message board, a post read ‘1-2-3’ followed by a picture of a green traffic light.

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