G4 Sucks. Yeah, you and I have known it, but now de we have wholesale nfl jerseys real proof. They’re showing reruns of Fastlane, the cheap mlb jerseys failed show featuring Bill Here Bellamy, Kelly from wholesale nba jerseys Saved By the Bell, and Guy who might be Dan Cortez from MTV sports. I thought all that drift cheap nfl jerseys car Morning shit was enough. Honestly, when G4 bought TechTV I was really optimistic that less a happy ?????? medium between all games and all tech coverage could be reached. Now G4 is like Spike TV mixed a cartoon from New Grounds. Theres actually LESS game coverage now! G4 is to games what MTV is to music.

update: the G4 Forums are already exploding with disapproval. and these are the winter people that wholesale jerseys still watch this channel!